‘BCCI Chief Anurag Thakur Seems to Have Committed Perjury,’ Says Chief Justice: 10 Points

'BCCI Chief Anurag Thakur Seems to Have Committed Perjury,' Says Chief Justice: 10 Points

  1. “Prima facie Anurag Thakur committed perjury,” the Chief Justice said and in a strong rebuke suggested that Mr Thakur, who is a BJP lawmaker, “ought to absolutely apologise if you want to escape. These kinds of things don’t help. Please don’t force us. You go to ICC and ask for a letter so that you can return to say BCCI will be out of ICC. The whole object was to stop court. This seems to be a lucrative business and everyone wants it to go on.”
  2. Kapil Sibal, appearing for the BCCI, said he was “ready to apologise”. The court’s observations came after the Lodha panel’s lawyer alleged that Mr Thakur had lied on oath to the court on having asked the ICC for a letter to advise against inducting a nominee of government auditor Comptroller and Auditor General or CAG on a council to run the board proposed by the committee.
  3. The court said that Mr Thakur had been making wrong statements in his affidavits regarding seeking a letter from the International Cricket Council to support its stand. ICC Chairman, Shashank Manohar, as BCCI president had stated that that the interference from the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) into BCCI may lead action by the ICC
  4. Manohar had taken over as ICC boss after the July 18 Supreme Court ruling, so he refused to provide any letter to Mr Thakur about CAG interference. Mr Thakur, the court said today, had made false statements regarding this.
  5. The Lodha Committee, headed by former Chief Justice RM Lodha, was set up in January, 2015 by the Supreme Court after a betting scandal in the Indian Premier League or IPL to suggest changes in the way the BCCI, the world’s richest cricket board, is run.
  6. The committee had made recommendations earlier this year that the Supreme Court approved in July and asked the BCCI to implement. The BCCI has however pleaded that it can’t implement all the reforms, which include large-scale structural and management changes.
  7. In earlier hearings the court has rapped the board on the knuckles asking whether it believes “it is a law unto itself.” It had on October 21 this year frozen the accounts frozen but the money was later released to enable the board to conduct the matches with the visiting New Zealand side.
  8. At Friday’s hearing the BCCI rejected the Lodha committee’s recommendation that former union home secretary GK Pillai be appointed as an independent auditor to scrutinise the grant of contracts by the board as ordered by the court. The court gave BCCI one week to suggest the names for administrators who can run the affairs.
  9. The judges have now given the board a week’s time to suggest names for the post. The court will hear the case next on January 2, 2017.
  10. Among the changes that the Lodha Panel has recommended are – age caps, tenure restrictions for the BCCI office-bearers, one-man-one-post and one-state-one-vote, among others.

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