Are We really independent after 66 years ? (issue of female feticide)

1st week: Fertilized egg enters the womb of the mother.

2nd week: A new life starts to recieve nourishment from mother.

3rd to 4th week: Eyes are formed along with spinal cord, brain, lungs, stomach, liver and kidney. Heart begins to pump !

4th week: head is formed, backbone is complete, spinal cord is closed. Arms and legs start formation. Heart is pumping away.

5th week: body starts gaining shape eyes are formed, ears start to form, fingers and toes are formed.

6th-8th week: All organs are present, including mouth, face and tongue. Head and brain are complete. Baby responds to tickling.

8th week: baby has finger prints, which is the same now as it will be till the baby is 80 years old. Baby can clutch things with his hand.

11th to 12th week: all body parts are working. Baby can already feel pain.

Did you know at the age of 3 months, the baby is already formed, he has only to grow ? But the baby’s parents and doctors start planning a murder.

This murder can mainly be done by 4 ways.

Vaccum Suction: like a vaccum cleaner cleaning up dirt, the baby comes out in little pieces.

Cutting up Method: The doctor just slice the baby to pieces inside the womb of mother.

The Surgical Method: The doctor takes the baby out by surgical opening in abdomin

The Salt Method: Salt solution is injected to the sac, baby is burnt to death.

The sex of fetus can be determined only around 14-16 weeks. This means most sex selective abortions are late.

Abortion after 20 weeks is illegal in India. Daughters are considered as economic liability here.

Today, people want to pretend they are modern and they do not discriminate between a girl and boy, yet they will not hesitate to quietly go to next village and get an ultrasound done.

Why can’t a girl child be born in this world? Just because a girl can lead to a loss to your bank account one day ? This reason doesnt justify for a girl child to be brutally murdered. The only thing which can reduce this crime is to create an anger in the society.

The kind we saw against Nithari killing. Today nobody should say female feticide is not my problem !

Its time we all do our bit, to help save the girl child. TIMES RUNNING OUT !!!!


A son is son, till he has a wife, A daughter is daughter, throughout her life……

Contributed by Sushmita Chakroborthy


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