Apple to launch first fitness app with iOS8

New Delhi: Apple may launch its first ever app with an iWatch, which seems to be focused heavily on the health and fitness market.
If we believe on reports, this very special app of Apple will come along with operating system iOS 8 mobile and iPad OS in 2014.
The company is working on to release an app called “Healthbook” which will be soon coming in the market.
According to reports, the “Healthbook” will make the users to check and maintain their health and fitness record by steps covered daily and will also show the amount of calories burnt in the body.
The app helps you to keep a note of your weight and will help in the weight loss programme.

The health app will also keep a constant check on the blood pressure, metabolic rates, cardio track and fitness level measurement.

The “Healthbook” will monitor and target on health realated issues and will come along with Apple’s iWatch.

The app will be very beneficial as the device will include a heart sensor especially to detect the cardiac gesture of the particular user.

The interior surface of this gadget will have a sensor in such a way that electronic signals of the user are transferred via his skin and reach the leads of the electronic gadget.
However, nothing is sure until the launch of iOS8.



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