Anne Lamott’s Advice For A New Year Without Diets

What your body doesn’t need, Lamott wrote, is starvation, chastisement, and too-tight clothing that hurts:

Wear forgiving pants! The world is too hard as it is, without letting your pants have an opinion on how you are doing. I struggle with enough esteem issues without letting my jeans get in on the act, with random thoughts about my butt.

Peace with one’s body doesn’t come from a physical, outward transformation but an inward, spiritual one: 

It’s really okay, though, to have (or pray for) an awakening around your body. It’s okay to stop hitting the snooze button, and to pay attention to what makes you feel great about yourself, one meal at a time. Unfortunately, it’s yet another inside job. If you are not okay with yourself at 185, you will not be okay at 150, or even 135. The self-respect and peace of mind you long for is not out there. It’s within. I hate that. I resent that more than I can say. But it’s true.

It’s clear that America has an obesity problem. More than one-third of adults are obese, which means they’re also at an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. And if you believe you may have a problem with overeating or struggle with an unhealthy weight as determined by a doctor, Lamott suggested sticking to a plan under medical supervision.


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