An Emotional Timeline Of Dealing With Your Never-Ending Email Inbox

No one ever thinks fondly about their inbox. Emails are like water to Gremlins – reply to one and 10 of the bastards pop up in return.

Whether you work in an office cubicle or the great outdoors – chances are email will play a huge part in your working life. And sometimes it’s just not for the best.

Without further ado, here’s an emotional timeline of dealing with a hellishly, clogged-up inbox.

You’re on top of your emails and all is well in the world…

You’ve created efficient folders to keep them all in.

You’ve got a borderline OCD method for going through them.

You’ve even replied to all the “low priority” ones – and boy are you proud.

But then things start to get out of control…

A particularly busy day throws you out of kilter.

And now your inbox is nearing 400 emails.

You go home and spend “an hour” catching up on them.

You come back the next day, filled with relief. You’re back down to 20 unread messages.

Then *shock horror* you realise you’re going on holiday in a week.

You begin to feel a little fraught.

You know you can’t check them while you’re away.

But then you can’t even bear the thought of coming back to thousands – all of that hard work, undone.

You consider putting off the holiday.

Then you realise you’re being plain stupid.

So you go on your precious holiday and – as expected – all thoughts of emails swiftly vanish.

But not for long, sucker.

One week later you come back and all hell has broken loose.

Your inbox has reached the thousands.

You scream.

You furiously delete anything that looks like SPAM.

You have five cups of tea.

You even consider quitting your job and becoming a dairy farmer.

But then you give yourself a stern talking to…

And begin to work through the masses of emails.

You delete all the time wasters like the sassy digital detox expert you are.

And before you know it, you’ve only got 15 left to sort through.

Order is restored, once more.

Until next time…


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