A Dating Expert Rates the Bachelor Contestants’ Dresses

Sad to say goodbye to the holiday season? If you’re anything like us, there was one silver lining to look forward to: the glorious return of The Bachelor. And now that the first episode has aired, we’re eager to dissect everything about it—including, of course, the contestants’ first-impression dresses. But instead of speculating ourselves, we turned to an expert to get her professional take on their looks: matchmaker Nora DeKeyser of Three Day Rule. 

In the first episode, we saw Nick Viall meet 30 different women, including Alexis, who wore a memorable shark costume. We tapped DeKeyser to break down some of the noteworthy looks of the night, like Olivia’s standout chic coat and Danielle’s very on-trend dress. 

Scroll down to see what expert matchmaker Nora DeKeyser has to say about the contestants’ dresses on the first episode of The Bachelor!

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