3 Silicon Valley-Tested Tips For Introvert Networking

Rajeev Behera has worked in the Silicon Valley for the past seven years, running marketing teams in various start-ups. He now heads up Reflektive, a communication platform that enables employees to send and receive continual, real-time feedback. He provided me with three key tips for introverts to shine bright next to their louder, extroverted peers.

Focus on manager one-on-ones

One of the most important goals introverted employees need to keep in mind is to be intentional about having one-on-ones with their managers. Extroverts, as natural talkers, are comfortable discussing what they’re working on, what their goals are, and what progress they’ve made. Because they speak so freely, openly, and with such ease, peers and managers often hear of their progress and productivity at work. Extroverts’ more expressive nature can make silent introverts appear less productive.

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