3 Reasons to Love Periscope, Budget Friendly Biz Tool of the Month

For those of you who missed last month’s Biz Tool, check out 99Designs and Enter to Win a new Website and LOGO!

This month’s tool, is one that you should have heard of by now, unless you have been living under a rock, did I mention it is FREE!

Talk about Budget Friendly…Periscope is creating a lot of buzz in the business community, and although it may simply be because it is still the “NEW” tool on the playground, we are IN LOVE, and hopefully you will have the courage to join us by the end of this article.

3 Reasons to Love Periscope


Get Discovered!

And what business does not want to be found?

Live stream has been a thing for a while, but who cares, it has never been this fun…Periscope allows you to reach a wider audience by allowing you to stream to a growing audience. Called the Instagram of live video streaming by many, it has created a great opportunity for the business community. Many communities have been taking advantage of the opportunities created by Periscope, including the black business community.

If you have a twitter account, and are able to download to your Android or IOS device, you can get started.

Build Your Brand

Branding is more than just the look of a website or a logo, think of it like an aftertaste, it is remembered a lot more than the initial taste, and will most likely determine whether or not we dip our spoons again.

Periscope allows you to become a recognizable brand, allowing your community to observe, consider, and connect. Giving you an opportunity to put a face, or two to your brand, and allowing your community to build a relationship with you.

Get Empowered

Unlike most social platforms, Periscope does not allow you to hide behind a computer screen, but challenges you to step out of your comfort zone.

Yes, I felt empowered after completing my first scope…It was not the best scope, the phone fell twice, I was nervous, but it made the scopes that followed a lot easier for me, and I am looking forward to doing more scopes that will allow me to give a face to my company.


5 Great Ways to Use Periscope For Your Business


Behind The Scenes, Webinars

This one I saw in one of my favorite Facebook support groups and thought it was such a fun idea. Webinars are all the rage right now, giving your community behind the scenes access is a great way to prep for your webinars, and increase your sales.


Live Support

Write down all of the questions you receive by email or even through your blog, and answer them live. A great way to remind your community that you are in business for them, and takes customer service to new heights.


Live Tutorials

Tutorials are a fun way of offering valuable resources to your community, and an opportunity to remind them that you are a reliable expert.


Spice Up Your Content

Edit your settings, save all your videos to your phone, and upload them to YouTube, and the blog. One of the best and inexpensive ways to revamp your website is to offer more options to your readers. From infographics, bold images, and videos, change things up every once in a while by uploading your videos.


Interview Experts

Do you have great connections?

Interview experts that your community will respond to, while creating beneficial partnerships with like minded experts. A great way to expand your community as well, by connecting with your guest expert’s community, it is a strategic approach worth considering.


Are you on Periscope?

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Are You Using Periscope For Your Business?


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