25 Things Every College Student Should Know About Love And Sex

For incoming freshmen, college hookup culture can feel like a huge question mark with three options: have some one-night-stands, find the person you’re going to marry, or never kiss a soul. While the social atmosphere is different at every school, love, sex and dating (and questions about all three) are a part of many students’ college experiences, right alongside being challenged academically and learning incredible new ways to think about the world.

We asked HuffPost editors to weigh in on what they wish they knew about sex, love and dating in college — and how to remain true to yourself throughout good, bad and plain old weird times.

Here are 25 things everyone should know about love, sex and dating in college:

1. It’s worth spending the time to find someone special — don’t rush into having sex if you’re not ready or are just trying to “get it over with.”

2. Dance floor makeouts at parties can end at dance floor makeouts. They don’t have to go anywhere else. (And they can also be incredibly fun.) 

3. If you have a roommate, be communicative with her or him about your needs — including your need for privacy sometimes. And respect your roommate’s needs as well. 

4. Anyone who pressures you into having sex is not someone you want to spend your time with. Goodbye.

5. Be vocal about your wants and needs in bed, because your sexual satisfaction matters.

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