15 Bridal Parties Who Totally Nailed The Ombré Dress Trend

There’s nothing wrong with a uniform bridesmaid look — all of the girls wearing the same dress in the same exact color.  

But if you want something a bit more eye-catching, consider an ombré color scheme. Not sure what that means? Basically, you choose a color and then have the bridesmaids wear dresses in a slightly different shades — some lighter, some darker and some in the middle so that they gradually blend into each other. 

Below, check out 15 gorgeous executions of the ombré dress trend. Get inspired! 

  • Credit: Paper Antler

  • Credit: Scrole Vision Photography

  • Credit: L Hewitt Photography

  • Credit: This Modern Romance

  • Credit: Erich McVey

  • Credit: Jonas Seaman

  • Credit: L Hewitt Photography

  • Credit: Nadia Meli

  • Credit: Jose Villa

  • Credit: Duy Ho Photography

  • Credit: This Modern Romance

  • Credit: Kreative Concepts

  • Credit: Duy Ho Photography

  • Credit: Ashley Seawell Photography

  • Credit: Jose Villa

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