Woman At Sushi Bar Live-Tweets Worst Date Conversation Ever

Fine told The Huffington Post she probably wouldn’t have noticed the very picky, very obnoxious man had he been using his inside voice. 

“He was very loud. At first I was surprised by his volume more than anything else,” she said. “Then I was just so shocked by the way he was talking to everyone, and surprised that his date seemed so unsurprised.” 

She eventually realized that the pair weren’t anything serious, but not before her tweets racked up hundreds of retweets and thousands of “likes.”

Of course, she has her critics, too, including some who wondered why she eavesdropped in the first place.

“There have also been a lot of places calling me a loser for eating alone at a sushi bar,” Fine told HuffPost. “Eating alone is great, y’all. I might be a loser for a variety of other reasons, but sitting alone at a restaurant is not one.” 

Nothing wrong with a party of one ― especially when it’s this entertaining.

Read more of the guy’s obnoxious dinner convo below, and head to Fine’s Twitter profile to read the full exchange. 

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