Why So Many Hillary Supporters Donated To Jill Stein’s Recount Effort

I’ll admit I was prodded a little by Rachel Maddow’s show Wednesday night, but where I am coming out is this: regardless of the #Recount2016 results, I do not view Donald Trump as a legitimate president. There I said it. He has over 2,000,000 FEWER votes than Hillary from we the people. When all is counted, that number likely will be closer to 2,5000,000 fewer votes – the biggest margin of loss since the unusual election after the Civil War in 1876. So no, he does not have a mandate. And after eight years of saying President Obama wasn’t legitimate because of the color of his skin, I say to Donald Trump for all the reasons above, including your apparent collusion with Russia to get here, you do not have a mandate and you are not legitimate in my eyes, and I am hardly alone. You have unearthed and legitimized the worst in us – the hate, the bullying, the violence, the fear – you are not legitimate.

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