Want to lose weight? Avoid these foods

ffEvery food that we eat has different nutritional value in our body. While some foods can do wonder in shedding those unwanted fats, some of them can help you add those much-needed pounds in no time. Here are some foods that you should avoid while on a diet:
Sugar: Sugar is the main culprit that makes you fat. Sugar contains corn syrup, maltose, lactose, fructose, sucrose, brown sugar, honey and molasses – in fact all of these can be bad for your health and weight as well. While many think of fruit as a great diet food, it has fructose (a natural sugar responsible for the sweetness of the fruit), which works the same way as any sugar. Hence, you should consume fruits that have low sugar like apples, pears and most berries if you are on diet.

Rice Cakes: Like any other snack food, rice cakes can give you a tempting feeling as it does feel you up and you can end up eating the whole bag. Rice cakes are very high on the glycemic index although they are low in calories. It is better to opt for a high fiber and low calorie snacks as they can make you feel full and satisfied than going for those empty calorie snacks.

White Rice: White rice is a high glycemic carbohydrate which quickly breaks down into glucose. Due to its high glycemic carbs content which stimulates your appetite, it can make you hungrier and thus making you to eat more. Replace white rice with brown rice which is a low glycemic carb is a good option to cut back on calories.

Soda: Soda does not keep you full for long. It is packed with calories and contains no vitamins or minerals. Instead of drinking soda, drink water which will keep you full without any calories.

Candy: Candy is not different from Soda which is loaded with calories, but has no or little vitamins, minerals or fibre. Candy gets digested very quickly since it is made out of mostly sugar. It doesn’t matter how many pieces you have eaten in one sitting as you can get hungry very soon and you will crave for more.

Alcohol: Alcohol should be avoided at all cost when you are on a diet. It is a sugar and has no nutritional value.

Fast Food: Nowadays, eating out has become a regular source of meal for many people which is bad for health. Fast food, which is loaded with extra calories, can cause a decrease in your overall level of health and nutrition by eating often. Start having home-cooked food to stay healthy since most fast foods tend to be low in important vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

Besides, you should munch on a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats high in fiber, vitamins and minerals to keep your appetite under control. This will also leave you feeling full and satisfied all through the day while consuming fewer calories.

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