Want a Respite From Listening to Politics? Oprah, Disco, and Audio Fiction Can Help.

If you liked baseball and hated disco, the July 12, 1979 game at Comiskey Park was a win-win: Bring a disco record, get a ticket for the double-header White Sox-Tigers game for 98 cents, and watch as the records got burned. But halfway through, the game turned into a riot: 50,000 people stormed the field and started a bonfire, yelling, “Disco sucks!” Many see the protest against disco as thinly veiling a riot of racist, homophobic rock fans, spurred by a vindictive DJ in a World War II Jeep. But the night didn’t kill disco entirely: Stick around for the third act, as one of the ushers at that game, Vince Lawrence, recounts his path from Comiskey Park to creating “On and On,” a seminal house-music song.

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