Victoria and David Beckham’s Date Night Style Is Reason Enough to Fall in Love

Photo: Getty Images

It’s Saturday night and you’re one of the world’s best-dressed couples, but the eternal fashion conundrum still looms . . . what to wear? At last night’s Global Gift Gala, Victoria and David Beckham answered that question with coordinated ensembles. he event in question was held to raise funds and awareness for several organizations includingUNAIDS, for which Mrs. Beckham is an international goodwill ambassador; as such she was positioned in the spotlight for more reasons than one.

Even so, both Beckhams rose to the occasion, and looked elegant in coordinating shades. It’s a far cry from the flashy twinning moments the couple made early in their courtship—remember those leather Gucci jumpsuits?—more quietly impactful than overtly attention-grabbing. Dressed in a cut-out top and wide-legged pants, the designer toed the line between sexy and tomboyish. In a dark suit and matching tie, her husband looked decidedly dashing at her side. And judging by the look on her face, it’s clear that Mrs. Beckham was more than, um, suitably impressed with him.


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