Unhappy with hospitality? Don’t have to pay service charge while eating out

Unhappy with hospitality? Don’t have to pay service charge while eating out

The government stated on Monday that any consumer may decide to refuse to pay the service charge levied by a hotel or restaurant.

This is a regrettable pronouncement on a justified practice, stated a leading hotels association.

Many restaurants and hotels levy a service charge of 5-20 per cent, usually seen as a replacement for tips. This is apart from the service tax charged from the customers.

The Centre has told states to ensure that hotels and restaurants disseminate the information that their service charges are discretionary and voluntary, and consumers dissatisfied with the service can refuse to pay them.

The National Hotel Owners Association of India stated, later in the day, that inclusion of a service charge in a restaurant bill is a widely accepted practice, recognised by various state governments and the Centre, and reinforced through judicial pronouncements.

Also, that the levy is a matter of policy for an eatery, which should display it. Thereafter, it is for the consumer to decide if he or she wishes to avail of the facility offered at the place, the body said.

The Association’s statement did not mention the Centre’s direction. In an earlier statement, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) had said that it had received a number of complaints regarding hotels and restaurants levying a compulsory service charge which the consumers were forced to pay, irrespective of the type of service provided.

The statement added that the department had sought a clarification from the Hotel Association of India. In fact, it said, the Association had agreed that a service charge was completely discretionary and should a customer be dissatisfied with the dining experience, he or she can have it waived.

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