True Freedom in India !!!

“I want Freedom for the full expression of my personality” – Mahatma Gandhi

15th August, the day of Independence Day as known by all of us depicts Freedom from the long period of illegitimate rule over India. Yes, it is a day we should celebrate and honour the sacrifice of all the martyrs who gave their life for the freedom of people of the country; so that the future generation could live a life they wished they could live.

What is freedom? Is it just being free from dictatorship? Or being free to live life without any control over us? Freedom has different meanings attached to different people. For students, freedom is all about being free from the pressure of studies and especially exams, for workers freedom is being free from the pressure of work, for homemakers freedom is all about being free from housework. Dictionary states the meaning of freedom as “the quality or state of being free”. After reading all this, all of you must have started scratching your head at this point of time, thinking what is freedom?

Well the word “Freedom” is a vast topic which cannot be explained in words, but it can be felt very easily and that too at any time. What I would share here in this blog is, freedom keeping nation “India” in mind. India needs freedom in a lot of ways. For instance freedom from corruption, freedom from gender bias issues etc. Freedom is something, our country is based upon. But where on one hand, we got freedom from the British rule, on the other hand we have our culture and past, ruling our present and to some extent our future as well. Though our culture, traditions, religion are our legacy which we have inherited from our ancestors and it should be valued, but not to an extent that it hampers our freedom. Religious issues have led to loss of lives and traditions & culture have created groups amongst people, which ultimately have led to distance from freedom. As I said there is a lot to close talk on the topic freedom, all I wish is for the people of India to understand the true meaning of freedom. Freedom is not just about being free from a rule or dictatorship, but is mainly about living without fear. Fear which has been created by the ethics we rely on such as religion, tradition, culture. The day we create a fearless India, that day would actually be our Independence Day!


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