This Mom Wrote Her Ex’s New GF A Thank You Note. Here’s What She Said

Of course, her relationship with McGraw didn’t happen overnight. But slowly, she realized the other woman was a good influence on her daughter. 

“I was kind the moment I met her but the more Riley went to visit, the I closer I became to her,” Loving told HuffPost. “I’m grateful that when Riley is with her dad, she is well taken care of.”

On Facebook, people applauded Loving’s effort to embrace the “other woman” in Riley’s life. Many shared their own stories of growing up in perfectly imperfect blended families. 

“You all are very blessed to have someone that makes the child feel like family,” one person wrote. “I had an amazing step mother myself and even though my dad isn’t with her I still count her as family and one of my best friends.”

McGraw’s response to reading the viral post was especially sweet. 

“It had her in tears,” Loving said. “Happy ones.” 

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