This Is The Face of A Woman Who Just Got A Big Surprise After Giving Birth

Kim also thinks she talked herself into believing it was a girl to avoid disappointment. “I come from a family with one girl and one boy, and as a parent, I wanted the experience of raising both a boy and a girl,” she explained.

The mom had already felt a deep sense of loss and disappointment when she had a miscarriage in June 2015. “My overall perspective with this pregnancy was that as long as I have a healthy baby, I’ll be so thrilled,” she said.

Still, pregnancy was very difficult for Kim, as she experienced hyperemesis gravidarum and had to be hospitalized for IV fluids. “It took a village to get everything done and make sure my daughter’s needs were met at that time,” she said. As a result, the mom decided she would not have more than two children. “I knew I couldn’t put my body and my family through that again,” she said. 

The difficulty the Guileys faced made the surprise of having a boy even more exciting and emotional. 

“Finding out we had a healthy baby boy was this culmination of our losses and struggles,” Kim explained. “It was especially poignant knowing this would be our last baby.”

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