These IKEA Closets Are Seriously Impressive

As fashion girls, we may spend most of our time obsessing over current clothing trends and stalking our favorite accessories online—but what’s equally important is dreaming about our fantasy closets on a regular basis. Having all our handbags and shoes stacked just so, placing the perfect tufted ottoman in just the right spot, and so on. Chic closets are nearly as drool-worthy as the statement heels street Victoria Beckham can’t stop wearing.

Having a perfect closet might seem like something in the distant future that requires an unlimited budget. However, there are a number of wallet-friendly ways you can start crafting your dream closet right now, including paying a visit to your local IKEA.

The Swedish interior mega-retailer has a number of pre-designed closet spaces that are surprisingly chic. Scroll down to see several of our favorites.


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