These Cauliflower-Like Formations Could Be Evidence Of Past Alien Life On Mars

The shape of the silica formations found in the desert were similar to the ones found on Mars, according to the study. 

They also matched silica formations found in Yellowstone National Park and Taupo Volcanic Zone, both of which were created from microbial life.

“The fact that microbes play a role in producing the distinctive silica structures at El Tatio raises the possibility that the Martian silica structures formed in a comparable manner — in other words with the help of organisms that were alive at the time,” Ruff said.

NASA is set to send a new rover to Mars in 2020, but its destination is yet to be determined.

Ruff and Farmer are now calling on NASA to pick Home Plate as the landing site.

Though it’s currently only second on the list of candidates, their study could shake things up.

Ruff added: “We know exactly where to land and where to go collect samples. And the silica structures found by Spirit meet the definition of a potential biosignature.

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