These 12 Watercolor Tattoos Will Convince You to Get Inked IMMEDIATELY

When it comes to brainstorming tattoo ideas, we’re all about creativity. Case in point: we recently hung out with Lucy Hale and convinced her to try ever kind of temporary tattoo, from emoji eyelids to glitter freckles to star-spangled hair tats. Suffice to say, we don’t always think in black-and-white ink, which is why watercolor tattoos are right up our alley. When we recently spotted some gorgeous designs online, we decided to do a little sleuthing of our own. If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, it involves applying washes of color to the skin (to the mimic the look of free-flow paint), with minimal detailing. Some detractors point out that this technique means the tat won’t age well, but one way to get around that is applying enough of a contrasting black linework that the faded version still holds up. FYI, these require the hand of a skilled tattoo artist, so if you go to the experts (as you should!), you’ll leave with a tat that looks good even as it ages. The next step? Brainstorming designs!

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