The Millenial Trailblazer

Much has been written on the generational shift taking place in the global workforce. As Milllenials, or Gen Yers, stream into the workplace, and Gen Xers reach the next rung on the corporate ladder, the baby boomers are being steadily displaced. Running parallel with this youth movement in the labor market is the increase in Millenial entrepreneurs, those who want to affect positive change in the world on their own terms. Refusing to conform to a prefab order of things, these wide-eyed risk takers aspire to innovate, build their own empires, and become known as trailblazers.

In demographic cohort terms, I classify as a baby boomer. Born in Chicago during the Post-World War II Era, I was raised in the so-called heartland of America. Evidently, I have Midwestern sensibilities. As a boomer, I supposedly have attained a certain maturity, socioeconomic status, and hairline that younger generations can use to identify me.

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