The Cinched Waist

Yes, it’s a trend, but more than that – it’s something that women have kind of been obsessed with for ages. The impossibly thin waist! Men too, actually. The word corset is derived from the French word corps (body), which itself derives from corpus – Latin for body. And traditionally are made of a flexible material to help you quickly conform to the most fashionable silhouette. Ah history!

This version from Tibi, a soft, non-restrictive band at your waist, isn’t as focused on the unimaginable reshaping of your body, but more accenting it – and for that, I think I’m for it. Plus it is pretty elegant, and a quick update to an otherwise simple look.

To cinch or not to cinch, what do you think?

White Ruffled Top, Atlantique Ascoli ; Black Stretch Corset, Tibi ; Striped Pant, Tibi ; Swarovski Embellished Clutch, Jimmy Choo

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