Technical Glitch: This person received a whopping Rs 1.86 lakh bill for using Airtel

New Delhi: Nitin Sethi, a New Delhi resident has said that he has received a whopping Rs 1.86 bill from Airtel, as per a website report.

Sethi has shared the bill breakup with India Today Tech wherein it shows that the bill has been generated for the period between June 8 and July 7, 2017.

Apparently, the bill was generated due to some “technical glitch” on part of Airtel, the India Today  reported.

Sethi, while vacationing with his family to Dubai had reportedly activated the International roaming pack for the 10-days but the service apparently didn’t stop even after coming back to India.

He had to finally take the matter to social media following which top-level Airtel executives agreed to resolve it.



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