Techie things that are done in 60 seconds

Techie things that are done in 60 seconds
















60 seconds only ? The time limit seems very short in real life, but not when it is accounted for all the techie operations that are being done ONLINE in each passing moment. You take 20 deep breaths and tonnes of things are being uploaded, downloaded, shared, converted, encrypted, decrypted, written and read in increasingly virtually & socially dependent World Online.


It would be interesting for most of you to know that following are the things that are being done in 60 secondsas of year 2012.

  • 690,000+ Google Searches
  • 170+ Million emails being sent out.
  • 60+ New Blogs being setup
  • 2000+ Blog posts being posted each minute
  • 700,000+ Million Facebook Status updates…
  • 80,000+ Wall Posts
  • 500,000+ Facebook comments…
  • 50+ WordPress Downloads
  • 7,000+ Flickr image uploads…
  • 100,000+ Tweets
  • 400,000+ minutes of Skype calls in 60 seconds
  • 600+ Hours of Youtube videos being uploaded in each minute / 25 Hours playtime videos being uploaded in 60 seconds.
  • 20,000+ Applications being downloaded from iOS App Store.
  • 100+ new LinkedIN accounts

Plus numerous other things being done which could take hours writing here… In short, the life in digital world is moving pretty fast, atleast 1000 times faster than one’s own Offline Life. The trend has just started, and will keep growing with at least 10-15% boost each year on year.


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