Stopping The Customer From ‘Checking Out’, While Building Long-Term Customer Engagement

While there is no doubt that retailers need to optimise their continued physical presence, they must still continue to invest in and build on more recent channels of engagement, including their mobile offering. As Google begins mobile first indexing, which means it will place increasing importance on the mobile version of any website, looking at its ranking signals first, investment in mobile sites will continue to be a top priority. However, it’s not the only online presence that retailers need to consider. Retailers must look at all online interactions and build a picture of each individual customer from the wealth of personal data generated from product reviews, enquiries, actual sales transactions and social media engagements. Shoppers are increasingly willing to give additional information to retailers to help them curate offers in a more efficient and personalised way, provided the consumer gets something in return and the brand is transparent about how they use this data.

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