So, Kylie Jenner Gave Tyga Naughty Cupcakes For His B-day

This story was originally published on November 18.

Tyga is turning 27 on Saturday and Kylie Jenner decided to throw him an early surprise birthday party with the help of his son, King Cairo. To celebrate, Jenner invited over a few of their friends, and ordered a lot of sweet treats. There was the regular ol’ birthday cake which Tyga blew out with the help of King, and then were these oddly erotic cupcakes, specially chosen by Jenner herself.

The cupcakes were quite unique and on-brand for the couple. They featured butts and breasts made out of icing. Jenner shared videos of the impromptu party on Snapchat, and in one of them Tyga is suggestively touching one of the butt cupcakes. He says, “Gotta make it look real. Gotta flatten it a little bit.” To which Jenner audibly gasps and says “Babeeeee.” Because, we all know the Kardashians butts are all REAL! The nerve.

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