Shatrughan Sinha gets honoured with a lifetime achievement award in UK

Actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the fields of arts and politics at a ceremony in the UK’s Parliament complex. The annual ‘Political and Public Life Awards’ presented by Britain’s Asian Voice weekly newspaper, now in its 12th year, recognises individuals who have made a significant impact on public life or made a difference in their local communities.
The ceremony at the Members’ Dining Room in the House of Commons building on Thursday evening was attended by parliamentarians, business and community leaders besides members of the UK Armed Forces as they braved extreme weather conditions and travel disruptions caused by days of snowfall across Britain.

“Confidence brings commitment, commitment brings determination, determination brings devotion, and when you have commitment, determination and devotion, besides confidence, then you get passion,” Sinha, 72, said in his acceptance speech.

“In this competitive world you have to prove yourself to be better than the best. If you are unable to prove yourself to be better than the best, at least try and be different from the rest,” he said, adding that the award had given him the opportunity to visit the “historic” Palace of Westminster for the first time.


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