Reddit CEO Admits To Editing User Comments That Criticized Him

“Pizzagate” refers to a debunked conspiracy theory claiming, among other things, that Hillary Clinton ran a child-trafficking ring out of a Washington, D.C., pizza place. (The pizza place is real; the rest of the story is fabricated.) Reddit shut down r/pizzagate, a forum devoted to discussing the conspiracy, earlier this week. Some users took to r/the_donald to express their displeasure with the decision and, by extension, with Huffman.

The CEO’s confession means that when some users made disparaging comments about him using his username, he replaced his username with one belonging to a moderator for the group. For example, an archived version of the site shows that a comment saying “FUCK /u/spez” was changed to “FUCK /u/Trumpshaker.”

According to Huffman’s post, the change only lasted for an hour and all changes have since been corrected.

Unsurprisingly, many Reddit users were not happy to learn that the company’s CEO was personally editing their content. Some called it unethical and said that it could put the integrity of any content posted to Reddit into question.

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