Quantic Dream has ‘some good news’ to share in January

Quantic Dream has “some good news” to share with fans in January, according to a provoke on a developer’s Facebook page.

“Some good news entrance in January!” a developer wrote. Sadly, that’s all a information that was offered. However, a many apparent proclamation that a developer could make is a remastered PlayStation 4 recover of Beyond: Two Souls. A PS4 chronicle of a diversion has been rumored for utterly some time, with a diversion appearing on several sell websites and even a finish Trophy list surfacing behind in September.

Other options embody Quantic Dream’s unannounced PlayStation 4 plan and a PS4 remaster of Heavy Rain, a developer’s initial PlayStation 3 title, though that’s a prolonged shot.

“Thanks to a book that shifts gears too mostly and too rapidly, Beyond: Two Souls never unequivocally hits the account stride, though David Cage’s latest bid is still value a demeanour if you’re a fan of his unaccompanied proceed to interactive storytelling,” Josh wrote in the Beyond: Two Souls examination final year.

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