Nike’s "La Silver" Air Max 97 Returns This December

Earlier this year, Nike treated Italian sneakerheads to a special reissue of the OG Nike Air Max 97.

Featuring tricolore Italiano detailing, the drop was limited to select Italian shops, but we had a feeling that wouldn’t be the last Air Max 97 sighting of the year. Now, Nike confirmed our suspicions by declaring a wider release of the 97 in a “La Silver” colorway, just in time for the silhouette’s 20th anniversary.

To complement the announcement, several big names in the Italian fashion community shared their first impressions of the shoe with Nike.

“I have to admit that I first found them horrendous. But that kind of fascinating horrendous: brutto-bello. Freaks. Their aesthetic was totally outside of our visual vocabulary. At the time sneakers were worn very infrequently in fashion.”

Michela Gattermayer, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE (1989-2004)

“As a graffiti writer it was cool because you could get a photo taken of yourself with a flash in front of a piece in a tunnel and you’d be all covered up but there was a crazy glare coming from your shoes. They made you feel like you were doing some space age stuff when you went out at night.”

Sha Ribeiro, Photographer

“I can remember that you had kids turning up wearing AM97s for both the hip-hop and the hardcore nights. As an observer from the decks I thought that the AM97s were much better suited to the hardcore scene where everybody had a very clean look, was very aerodynamic, with their shaved heads and 180 + BPM music and their whole cult of synthetic velocity.”

Riccardo Balli, DJ

The sneaker will see a Western European release on December 14.

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