New Yorkers Agree: These Are the Most Popular Fashion Brands

From the style rules NYC-ers never break to a particular Zara outfit every girl in the city owns, the streets of New York are full of fashion inspiration. While we learn style lessons from photos of the trending NYC looks and must-have essentials, we wanted to dig deeper and discover what inspires the city’s style, specifically which fashion brands. Curious to find out the brands that inspire the women living the big apple, we teamed up with the data specialists at Social Context Labs for insider information.The experts researched social media behavior to gather the city’s most popular fashion brands, aka the brands everyone can’t help but tweet, Instagram, or Facebook about to their social following.

Whether it’s a certain bag from a designer label or a fast-fashion name that’s hard to resist, these 10 brands are the ones you’ll see all over NYC. By analyzing all social conversation, the experts were able to determine the absolute most popular brands among women living in the NYC area. While some come as no-brainers in the fashion scene, there are a few brands that may surprise you. Keep reading to find out the most talked-about brands in NYC.

Scroll down to shop our favorite pieces from the 10 brands east coasters love.

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