Millennial Employees: Are They That Different?

Fair pay and benefits
C-suite execs and managers sometimes get the wrong impression when an employee asks for a raise. It’s not that workers want tons of money–they just want a fair amount of money. Workers who don’t feel like they’re compensated fairly for the amount of work or number of hours they put in are often dissatisfied with their jobs. Fair pay means a competitive wage and basic benefits, like vacation time, sick days, parental leave, and 401(k) options.

A personal life
You can’t read a business blog without coming across the phrase “work-life balance.” That’s because most people, even if they love their jobs, still want time away from work to spend with their families and loved ones. Not only is that just plain human (who wants to work all the time?), but it’s also healthier; less stress and more work-life balance means greater productivity when we’re at work, better immune systems, and a decreased risk of heart attack.

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