Martina Stoessel Is the Next Teen Star Set to Take Over the World



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From Ariana Grande to Zendaya, Gen Y is leading the fashion conversation. If singing, dancing, and acting weren’t enough, these famous multitaskers are using their influence to shape trends while they make serious bank with endorsement deals. And while American stars often get the most attention, they aren’t the only ones having an effect. The latest celebrities to make an impact also wield an influence that is global. The name Martina Stoessel might not be familiar to you, but she’s got plenty in common with those garnering serious headlines. Like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, Stoessel (or Tini as she’s known to fans) is a Disney alum who got her big break courtesy of a highly rated show for kids. Her tween telenovela, Violetta, is a smash hit at home in Argentina and internationally, where a massive audience tunes in each week for melodrama and splashy musical numbers. Hitting all the marks that define modern celebrity, Stoessel releases a number one album, and box-office-topping tour documentaries, all while racking up magazine covers and places on global power lists. With all her accomplishments—and a social media follower count in the millions—it’s safe to say Stoessel is a phenomenon.

She’s also a fashion-savvy teenager with a look all her own. Avoiding the outlandishness favored by her pop contemporaries, Stoessel works with stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, one of the women behind Emma Watson and Lily James’s sophisticated wardrobes. For important events, Stoessel chooses prettiness with an age-appropriate playfulness; shades of pink and coral, midriff-baring tops, and ruffles feature prominently, but so do ’90s-influenced slip dresses and detail-covered denim pieces. A lover of Argentine labels like Evangelina Bomparola and frou-frou standards like Marchesa, Stoessel pulls off girlie style with ease.

Moving from simply being a well-dressed star to truly influencing fashion requires an It factor, but Stoessel is already showing signs that she has what it takes. Focusing on pieces that aren’t entirely out of reach for her legions of fans, lately Stoessel has been wearing looks that her audience can test-drive themselves. After taking to the red carpet this week at the NRJ Music Awards in a pastel metallic blazer from Topshop, the jacket immediately became a bestseller. With her behind-the-scenes glam squad hashtagging #TeamTini on her every move, it’s easier than ever for her followers to keep track of each outfit and accessory, effectively making her entire wardrobe shoppable. You heard it here first: With Stoessel’s star on the rise—and brands always in search of the next big thing—it’s only a matter of time before fashion’s big names join team Tini.


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