Kids Are Writing Letters To Donald Trump To Ask Him To Be Kind

The letters to Trump, written by kids from ages 4 to 18, are overwhelmingly positive, but there are a few that convey undeniable frustration and fear over the president-elect’s rhetoric and some of the policies he promised to implement, which, Sahebjami says, are “inconsistent with what we teach our children about kindness.”

“Kids in my class are very scared, please don’t kick them out,” reads a note from Abby, 6. “In my school, we get sent to the wall when we’re in trouble. My friends did not do anything wrong.”

“I hope that during your presidency, you can defy my expectations,” reads another note, written on the back of a postcard by Hadley, 13. “I hope you can help everyone of every race, not just white men with the same beliefs.”

Sahebjami hopes that these letters inspire young people to take an interest in democracy and understand their role in it. She also hopes it will remind parents of the “simple, pure way” that children think about being kind.

But most of all, she hopes that the president-elect listens to the kids and takes the movement to heart.

“It would be great if we can catch the attention of Donald Trump,” Sahebjami said. “He’s a father and a grandfather, and he’s human.”

It’s not currently clear if the president-elect reads these letters, but for now, we can continue to share the words of the littlest voices in our country, in hopes that their message will be heard.

“Dear Mr. Trump, Be kind please.” ― a note signed “Little Boy Tommy”

“Please tell your supporters to stop saying and doing mean things to other people.” ― Sam, age 8

“Let the love shine through.” ― Avery, age 6

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