Jasmine Sanders Transforms Into a Cave Girl for ‘LOVE’ Magazine

What is it with this year’s LOVE magazine entries and weird AF Tyrannosaurus Rex vibes? After Alexis Ren’s surreal backyard shoot, the gorgeous Jasmine Sanders is next in line to seek inspiration from the Dino world.

Sanders’ shoot follows yesterday’s futuristic Blade Runner video from Cami Morrone, and begins with the model being casually accosted by an anthropomorphized toy. From there, a man appears in a T-Rex costume no doubt borrowed from his little brother’s Halloween party, blowing smoke into Jasmine’s face and transforming her into a sexy cave girl. We’ll have some of whatever he’s toking on, please.

There are only three days of LOVE Magazine’s daily advent series left to run, but don’t be sad it’s over, just be glad it happened. Watch Jasmine’s video above, and check out some of our other favorite entries so far below.

Now, check out Marisa Papen’s very NSFW charity calendar shoot.

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