It’s More Than Just A Holiday Feeling

With predictive intelligence, brands now have the information and ability catalogued precisely in order to accurately predict how a customer will react to a specific offer or service. As a result, each customer experience, whether it’s an in-store sales associate making an informed recommendation, a call centre agent fielding a complaint, or a marketer able to extend the right offer at the right time, should become more relevant and therefore more emotional. For example, a retailer, understanding your regular shopping habits, can send a special offer on a tie to go with the suit you bought last month.

This isn’t the future. It’s now, and this Black Friday, this Cyber Monday and in fact throughout the holiday shopping season, I’m sure we’re going to find more and more retailers using it. As a result, hopefully you’ll feel more positive towards these brands and at the very least see a boost in your experience as a customer.

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