In My Jewellery Box: Ana Khouri

Vicki Ambery-Smith City ring

I bought this ring in London in 2008 while I was studying at St Martins. As part of the course we had to go and research British designers, which is how I discovered Vicki Ambery-Smith. I was amazed by her work, so I bought this ring for myself. I love the way she makes miniature sculptures of different cities within each ring, I think it’s so interesting and intricate. For me that was a very British moment – I feel like in the UK there are so many artistic and individual jewellers developing their work, so discovering that was an amazing part of the course.

Name bracelets

In the 1970s, before they were married, my parents gave each other bracelets with their names on. It’s such a sweet story, I always really loved them. Usually when a girl turns 15 or 16 she’ll receive jewellery, but when I was that age I didn’t want a diamond ring or anything, I just loved the bracelets so they gave both of them to me then. I wear them every day now; I love the sentimentality and the story behind them, as well as their chunky, 1970s feel.

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