How I Ended Up Becoming ‘The Other Woman’

“While I found my co-worker ‘K’ attractive, I knew he was married and it was clear that we were friends and that’s all it would be. One day, we started chatting about the Vietnam War. ‘K’ had been in Vietnam and we had a long conversation about his experiences and his wounds, emotional and physical; he had been shot and part of his chest had been blown away. His story touched me and I felt incredible compassion for him. I don’t recall exactly when or how the relationship switched gears from friends to lovers, but I recall him telling me that his marriage was unhappy, that they were only staying together until their child graduated from college, and that they had given each other license to have sexual partners on the side. Call me naive but I believed him. For a few months, we’d get together once a week but I never saw him as someone I’d want to be with. We cared for each other but there was no talk of anything beyond what we had. Eventually I fell for another man, someone who chided me for falling prey to a cliche. ‘You’re wrong,’ I’d tell the new guy. ‘‘’K’ and I were different.’ In any case, I stopped seeing ‘K’ anyway.” ― Vicki L.

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