Holiday Money Gifts for Children

The Money Savvy Piggy Bank This translucent plastic piggy bank is divided into four chambers – labeled save, spend, donate, and invest. It’s available in six colors (making it easy to gift several children in one family) and comes with its own activity book. The MoneySavvy Piggy Bank is available only online at and costs $19.99.

The creators of the Money Savvy Piggy bank have expanded their offerings. Check out their award winning book for teens: OMG – The Official Money Guide for Teens $12.95 (48 pages). And their latest is a project with their college graduate daughter Allison – OMG Official Money Guide for College Students. These booklets are short and sweet and guaranteed to catch the attention of teens and college students.

Great Kids Money Apps
Coin Math This app teaches your children how to identify coins, figure out how much money you have, and how to buy things using coins. This is truly a practical lesson as well as an entertaining app. It’s suitable for kindergarteners all the way through grade school, as the concepts advance. The time to start learning about money is now.

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