Hang me if I am guilty: Modi on Gujarat riots



Ahmedabad: In his first ever interview to an Urdu daily, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has talked about the post-Godhra riots and said that he be hanged if found guilty.

“Hang me if I am guilty (Main gunehgaar hoon toh mujhe phaansi par latkaa do),” Modi said in an interview conducted by, editor of Nai Duniya.

Former Rajya Sabha member Siddiqui is also a well known Samajwadi Party leader. The cover-page candid interview runs into six pages and covers issues like state of Muslims in Gujarat, post-Godhra riots and other sensitive issues.

Siddiqui said he decided to interview the Gujarat Chief Minister after a meeting in Mumbai with known Modi critics Mahesh Bhatt and Salim Khan. The duo suggested that dialogue can be a way to resolve issue, following which Siddiqui sent a request to Modi’s office.

Siddiqui says he was not sure whether Modi would agree for the interview and that too with a precondition that he would have to answer all questions – Modi had once walked out of an interview when asked about post-Godhra riots.

But to his surprise, Modi agreed to discuss all issues with him.

The Samajwadi Party leader – who had stints with Congress and BSP in the past – said that no political motive should be seen behind the interview.

“This has nothing to do with SP or Netaji. I am a journalist first then a member of a political party,” Siddiqui was quoted as saying.

Hang me if I am guilty: Modi on Gujarat riots
Hang me if I am guilty: Modi on Gujarat riots


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