Graff: the king of diamonds looks back on his glamorous past

My world travels started on  a rainy day in London in the early 1960s, when on impulse  I bought a plane ticket to Australia. On a whim, I decided to stop over in Singapore, and  I happened to wander into Robinsons, a luxury department store, where I ran into an acquaintance from England who was in the process of setting up the jewellery department. I went on to work with him organising regular exhibitions, which laid the foundations for much of our global success with Graff.

Soon, Hollywood came calling, with clients such as Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor, who became a close friend. When she dined at my home in the South of France,  I sat her directly beneath an Andy Warhol painting of her, Red Liz.

I continue to travel – always with my suitcase of jewels – exploring new markets and building relationships. With each trip, each visit to a palace or private yacht, I’m aware of how far I’ve come.

Diamonds are my life. I study them, I cherish them. I get a huge amount of satisfaction when I look at a piece of rough and  I know we’re going to cut it to give birth to a magnificent diamond. These are miracles of Mother Nature, and we are lucky to handle the very best examples in the world.”

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