Go Against the Flow: Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Company

Ask questions. There are two ways CEOs ask questions that will yield meaningful feedback. One thing you can do is ask your team for advice, instead of for feedback. People love to give advice, as opposed to feedback, which can feel intimidating and critical. For example, saying something like “I’d love to get your advice on how we should prepare for the upcoming client meeting” lets teams know their CEOs don’t have all of the answers and everyone has a chance to help shape the direction of the company. Second, CEOs should ask specific questions. When you ask general, broad questions like “How are things going?” you’re guaranteed to get a general, broad response. Instead ask something like, “What’s one thing in the past week we could’ve done better?” Employees will give you much more actionable, specific feedback.

What drives you? How do you measure success for yourself?

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