From Abacuses To Micro:Bits, How Is The Landscape Of Technology In Education Changing?

In October, I attended a presentation given by Gareth James, the Director of Educational Programs at the micro:bit Foundation, where I learned about the history of the BBC micro:bit mini-computer, which was rolled out to all Year 7 pupils in the UK and has just launched worldwide. This amazing piece of kit is only around 5cm by 4cm in size – tiny! – and was developed in partnership with numerous organisations, such as the National Stem Learning Centre and IGT (International Game Technology). It facilitates the teaching of coding, whilst encouraging creativity and inquiry based learning, and can be used to develop a huge array of creations, such as wearable technology, robotics and heart monitors. It will be rolled out to primary schools in the UK next year, along with tutorials and teacher training so that pupils will get the most out of their micro:bits.

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