Free E-Book "Rise": 125 Milestones in the 5 Eras of the History of Integrative Health and Medicine

Era #2: Advancing in Silos While each may be seen as being born of the same turbulent Mother, each was seemingly adopted out into separate homes. The holistic nurses and doctors created separate communities through their conferences and periodicals. They made rare forays into protective policy activities. The acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors, and later massage therapists and midwives, busied themselves with the multiple tasks of professional formation. They created schools, accrediting bodies, national certification, state licensing, and the state and national professional organizations to drive such activity. The chiropractors, in what proved to be a benefit for all, stared down the AMA in the movement’s decade-long, freeing, “Big Honking Lawsuit,” Wilk Versus the AMA, that found that the AMA was engaging in restraint of trade in its suppressing the profession. The first crumb-track of what has become the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health appeared in the National Institutes of Health. Milestones 10-24

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