Eight Things About Your Job to be Grateful For (If You’re Not, It’s Time to Leave)

6. The work itself. Are you challenged, excited to present new ideas, learn new skills and rock out to your job? Or are you stifled, oppressed, or, let’s say it together now: Bored. When your workload becomes lackluster, overwhelming/unbearable, boring or insert negative adjective here, you’re not doing yourself any favors by staying put. Here’s the thing: Work should be adrenaline pumping! You can’t expect a whirlwind every single day, but it should at least make you pop out of bed in the morning rather than want to pull the covers over your head. When you’re grateful for work, a lot of other things like a great boss, solid pay, benefits and flexibility fall into place. And when you have nothing to be thankful for besides a steady paycheck, remind yourself to never settle. You deserve more.

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