Dominic Barton on Disruption and Leadership

As controversial as it may seem, disruption is actually quite normal and beneficial, according to Mr. Barton. Nevertheless, disruption is about exclusion. By definition, disruption is about defining new rules in the society and redistributing resources and wealth among people. In contrast, stability is about inclusion, i.e., taking care of the broadest interests to achieve cohesion among people. Mr. Barton gave a two-fold recipe for coping with technological and demographic disruptions: firstly through education and training to upgrade the necessary skill-sets not only for the young and privileged few, but also for people with less resources to adapt; secondly rebuild a viable social net so that people who cannot cope with the changes may still keep their hopes for a decent life. In the end, winners are welcome to take more, but not allowed to take all. As an effort to increase its touch with the broader base, McKinsey aims to expand its talent pool by recruiting some candidates without university degree as well as older candidates with experience in addition to recruitment of university graduates with top academic performance.

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