Book Review: Making it Big- First Billionaire in His Own Words

It is not necessary that those who dream big must be born in a family of rich and aristocrats. Rest of the thing depends upon the endeavor and hard work by the individual. In page 39, he mentions how neither the country, nor his own family business was in a stable situation. Chaudhary, who grew up in Khichapokhari of Kathmandu showed his business acumen since his days as a student. At school too, he was engaged in marketing and sales of different items. After his father grew sick, he overtook the business responsibility. Chaudhary is not just a good son, but also a great husband and father too. Searching for a great school for his children, he found a school in India to educate them. He knew the importance of education very well since he was himself a topper as a student. Education plays a vital role in the success.

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