A Betraying Breath : Living In The Uncertainty Of A Chronic Illness

Ceaseless Hope
But in that heartache and betrayal also lies an undeniable truth and the reminder of the gift that is alive in every single breath that I am given. Within that heartache and betrayal shines the fragility of life and a truth from which I will never be able to hide. In that heartache lies a reminder of all I’ve been through, what it means to truly live, and a truth built upon unyielding hope. But most of all, it is a reminder that CF is fused to every breath that gives me life. So, with my pleading eyes I stare back at myself in the mirror and whisper the words, “just one breath at a time.” I cannot change this life with CF but what I can do is graciously take every breath as it comes to me – knowing it can all change in a single breath. So, I wait for this November to pass while embracing this season of Fall – breathing into every single breath a ceaseless hope that may smother the smoldering embers of fear caused by CF.

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